Basic Hosting & Webmaster Support Package


How secure is your website? Are you keeping up with plugin updates?  Are your licenses up-to-date? And, how many times last week did you experience unauthorized attempts to gain access to your website? If the answers to any of these questions are “I don’t know” then it is time for you to bring in the DesignInk Digital team to help you secure your website and get it into tip-top shape with the latest updates.

$49.00 / month


  • Website Hosting
  • Security
  •  Updates
    • CMS WordPress and Shopify
    • Plugins
    • Basic Security*
  •  Backups
    • Monthly automated back-ups
  •  Licenses
    • API and webhooks
  • Subscriptions services:
    • Images
    • Basic plugins
    • Basic security*

*This will NOT cover a site being attacked since premium security subscriptions and updates are NOT included in this plan.